Being a volunteer with Girls Inc. has given me so much hope for our future leaders. I can’t wait to witness the growth in these girls: the engineer that designs a better car, the business executive who builds an equitable workforce, the scientist that helps to cure cancer, the leader who is voted as president... it all starts here.
— Ariel Borgendale, Girls Guide

Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest Volunteer Philosophy 

At Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest, we value volunteer contributions as they provide their unique talents, skills, and knowledge to support Girls Inc. to empower girls to be strong, smart, and bold. 

We believe that volunteers are members of our team, allies in our community, and come with an open mind, positive attitude, and a willingness to follow through on commitments. 

Girls Inc. supports our volunteers by recognizing their investment of time and commitment to making a difference in the lives of local girls. We are committed to providing an educational, rewarding, and supportive volunteer experience.

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