"When I went to Girls Inc. I felt amazed by how much you can learn in such little time. The amount of work and dedication they put in it is amazing. I was inspired by the leaders and other girls who are in the Girls Inc. group. The girls let me join in and I felt like I was apart of the group from day one. They welcomed me like I was their sister and that is what it feels like in the Girls Inc. group. Now I know I can have a voice and I know it’s okay to be myself. Girls Inc. made me want to be apart of something bigger and to influence others in a positive way." —Hailey

Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest is so grateful to have been welcomed so warmly into SW Washington over the past two years. The community has really shown up and invested in inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and bold. We are bringing the Girls Inc. Experience to over 100 girls in 10 schools throughout the region, with many more to come in the coming years.


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Because I want to see women value and love themselves. To not view other women as competition but as friends, sisters, inspirers. Because I’ve gone thru the journey of not knowing my worth and power. Of not valuing my own strength, intelligence, and uniqueness. And as I reflect on when I lost that it began when I was a girl. I want to help girls to remind them their beauty lies in their uniqueness, in their character. To help encourage and find their authenticity even when it’s scary. That what is inside their hearts and minds needs to be shared with the world. That their runways are never ending. That tenacity and strength is built through the bumps and mountains we cross in life and facing our fears builds bravery.
— Ramsee, Volunteer

“We are redefining gender roles and expectations, but we still have a lot of work to do. While hearing girls can be strong and smart, advertising and upbringing often gives a different, undermining message. I live this as a female business owner in male-dominated industry. 

I give to Girls Inc. because I want to help change the paradigm.  Gathering women together is a form of support, but surrounding them with a great message, tools for coping, and a strong vision will give them wings.”

— Wendy Marvin, CEO of Matrix Roofing