"Girls Inc. makes me feel safe and like I can be anything I want to be." 

—1st grader from Seahurst Elementary, on her first day of group

Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest is excited to bring the Girls Inc. Experience to Seattle! Forty-three percent of all students in Washington State reside in the Seattle area, and within that area, 50% of the students are considered “high need” or “very high need.” Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest is strategically investing in the Seattle community to provide more innovative, dynamic and critical programs to the girls in the Seattle community, as a way to ensure girls throughout the Pacific Northwest all have the opportunity to be inspired to be strong, smart, and bold.


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I decided to volunteer to with Girls Inc because I felt it was my responsibility as a woman to offer support and encouragement to young women in a time when being a woman is both difficult and full of opportunity. I had an amazing female role model growing up, who told me I could do anything I wanted regardless of my gender, and I find that it’s my duty to spread that message to as many young women as I can. It’s time for women to support each other, not tear each other down, and the only way we do this is by modeling that behavior to future generations.
— Jacqueline, Volunteer