You know that girls are our future, and because of you, we accomplished so much at Girls Inc. in 2018. I want to share two of our greatest accomplishments:

From Portland to Vancouver to Seattle, we served nearly 3,000 girls in the Pacific Northwest, providing them with the holistic Girls Inc. Experience that shows them how to lead, how to thrive, and how to change the world. Because of you, 92% of Girls Inc. girls learn to make a difference in their world.

That’s why we launched our national #GirlsToo: Respect Starts Young campaign, to focus on girls’ experiences of sexual harassment and violence.

Our goals are ambitious and will take collective action by YOU. You can start this work by signing our #GirlsToo pledge at girlstoo.girlsinc.org, and help create the future we want to see for every girl.

Two of our Girls Inc. girls, Jocelyn and Emily, wanted to share their powerful story with you, so you can see just how much you can do for girls by supporting Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest with your year end gift. Read their letter to you below.

You can ensure every single one of the 3,000 girls we serve are respected and valued, and can be the leaders we need. With you in their corner, everything is possible.

—Elizabeth, Executive Director

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Dear FriendS,

When I started going to Girls Inc. in 5th grade, I was so nervous I decided  to bring my older sister with me. Jocelyn has always helped me find my voice, and because of Girls Inc.’s Produced By Her program last year, we were both able to find our voice more than ever before.

When we were young, we both experienced sexual violence. We had a story to tell, but didn’t know how to talk about what had happened to us. We didn’t grow up understanding that #GirlsToo experience sexual violence.

I wasn’t sure if I was strong enough to keep going. I wasn’t sure what healing from sexual violence was supposed to look like, and I was afraid that I might not be able to have a successful future because of the trauma I had experienced.

While making our film, I talked to survivors of sexual violence who a owned their own businesses or were doctors or lawyers. I started to envision a future for myself where I could be anything.

Because of the support of people like you who help make Girls Inc. programming possible, we are able to tell our story without fear. Now,  I see a bright future for myself as an architect. Girls Inc. helped me learn to feel powerful, become stronger, and more free; that wouldn’t be possible without you.

That’s why I’m asking you to donate to Girls Inc. before the end of this year. I want girls throughout the Pacific Northwest to be able to become stronger and dream of a bigger future. You can inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold like Girls Inc. inspired me.

With you in our corner, we will thrive.


Emily (and Jocelyn)

Watch Jocelyn and Emily’s film Broken Silence, a brave and raw exploration on sexual abuse and healing.