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(Now Full) A Night at The Theater: "This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing

Join us for a night out at the theater!

“Once…Twice…Thrice upon a time, a girl was born.”

10-year-old triplet sisters are abandoned in the woods by their heartbroken father on a snowy night. Beatrix follows the direction of her departed dad and the setting sun, believing her own bright energy can warm anyone’s heart. Albienne has a strong appetite for cakes and battle, and goes off in the opposite direction to explore the unknown. Carmen cannot move forward or back, she is best at staying still, oddly silent, helpful to others in need. So the sisters separate, but remain connected, while facing fantastical, touching adventures: they wage wars, win wealth, make homes and travel in lighthouses under the sea. Seasons change, years pass, and they become grown women – eventually returning to the same but different place, reunited as family.