MLS: Day of the Girl Celebration (All cohorts)

In 2011, the United Nations established the International Day of the Girl to raise awareness about the challenges facing girls and women worldwide. On October 13 from 11:30-1pm, our annual Day of the Girl luncheon at Hilton Portland celebrates the power of every girl in our community. Day of the Girl is the perfect introductory event as our community will have the opportunity to meet our strong, smart, and bold Girls Inc. girls, engage in our programming, and learn about the role they can play in inspiring the Power of Her.

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Youth Leadership Council Planned Parenthood (Woodburn Cohorts)

The purpose of the YLC is to provide suggestions on sexual health ed that is happening in Salem. This looks like providing input on curriculum, doing outreach in our health center, and putting together an outreach event regarding sexual health or teen pregnancy prevention in their communities. This last year, our youth put on a get Yourself Tested Campaign in Salem and they educated people on what getting tested for STDs looks like, how to access resources, and handed out condoms and general information. There are also other topics and workshops they learn about and get to attend. For example we did a workshop on teen dating violence last year, as well as attending a workshop @ PSU around sexual health & the LGBTQ community. $20 stipend per meeting.

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9:00am 9:00am

MLS: Malden Court Orchard

The Malden Court Community Orchard (MCCO) is a community-led project of Green Lents, a 501c3 non-profit with a mission to support community-led projects that provide leadership and skill-building opportunities, that promote a culture of sharing and sustainability. 
We are dedicated to growing abundance and community resiliency in and around the Lents neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. MCCO is made up of teams of volunteers that support and work towards the creation and stewardship of a multi-layered, restorative, and "open-to-all" community orchard. Our goals are to grow food, build community, restore ecological relationships, and share in the harvest. 

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